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Modern Flight

Explore Aviation or Earn a Certificate. Do it on your terms.

Modern Flight

Earn Your Graduation Certificate For The
Private Pilot Written Test


Earn Your Graduation Certificate For The
Private Pilot Written Test

Modern Flight

Earn Your Graduation Certificate For The
Private Pilot Written Test


ABOUTOUR approach


Our unique approach to training is taking into consideration the multitude of factors surrounding training and educating unique individuals across the planet.

From the carefully crafted and unique pedagogy built up over the course of our 35 years of experience, thousands of individuals that we have trained, and the hundreds of institutions that we have worked with. We have distilled a set of unique approaches to training and education, that we have applied to our course. This experience matched with the advancements in technology that we are incorporating in our training will provide you with a unique advantage in being successful and reach the highest standards during your training. What we promise is a learning approach that will enable you to be a safer and better pilot, with the wonderful side effect of passing your written exam the first time around.

  • Carefully crafted learning approach.
  • New technology
  • Unique pedagogy.
  • Train at your desired location



OUR POPULARPilot Courses


What’s the Modern Flight advantage?

Approved and Ready 

  • Approved and Ready
    Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Part 61 or Part 141. Take the FAA tests when you finish the course. Or just take an introductory course and explore.
  • Freedom
    Learn on your Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile App. Study online with or without a Flight Instructor, you choose. Modern Flight instructors are global citizens.
  • Stop Dreaming!
    Take an introductory course, to explore. If you are sure, take a complete course and brag about it. No matter what you choose, contact us and we’ll guide you through the possibilities.
  • Partner Flight Schools
    Want to get in the airplane? Want to know about the flight instructors and flight schools near you? Our partner schools will give you a discount, maybe even a free flight. *Discounts and free flights apply only to our partner schools. 


Tell us where you want to learn to fly and we will connect you with local flight schools in your city that meet Modern Flight standards.

  • Quality
  • Budget
  • Innovation.


Established in 2015, our parent company is a Social Purpose Corporation focused on bridging the digital online world with real life experiences. Offices in the Brazil, Panama, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the United States, and Vietnam all coordinate to bridge cultural divides in education. Modern Flight focuses on making the exciting world of aviation accessible to all those that dream.

Courses are based on the CHART training approach:
Community - share ideas, interact with peers and instructors
Hierarchal - choose topics, go from simple concepts to a deeper understanding
Association - recognize how past experiences relate to new knowledge
Recursive - practice, practice, practice then apply it to every scenario
Technology - interactive and adaptive to learning styles and cultures

Total Courses

Bridging the Digital World with Real Life Experiences

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